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Read A Happy Ending for Villains manga – manhwa update free at Mangazik. A Fairy Tale for Villains manga – manhwa Despite being born as the daughter of a nanny, I considered myself blessed. With my loving mother, caring masters, and their three children, I couldn’t have asked for a better life.However, this all changed during the year my mother and masters died of a plague. That was when I remembered who I was before this life.Somehow, I was reincarnated as a side character of an angsty reverse harem romance novel. The problem was that I was the final boss in this novel, the queen of snakes who uses the young masters, the future main villains, to send the Empire to ruin.I knew what I wanted to protect, at all costs. 惡棍的童話 / 악당들을 위한 동화 / A Happy Ending for Villains.