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I Am The Dengle Manhua Fang Wanjie took a risk and entered the “door” in order to save money for his girlfriend’s medical expenses. Unexpectedly, the high reward was a trap from the beginning. He was teased, humiliated, and beaten by his companions. He struggled to support himself, but was hunted down by tens of thousands of monsters. , gnaw. On the verge of death, he awakened his talent to save the day. When he was about to leave the ‘door’ to take revenge, he discovered that the key to the ‘door’ had been destroyed and he was trapped in the ‘door’ full of monsters. He wants to live! He wants to fight! He wants to become stronger! Even if he turns into a dead spirit, he will make life worse than death for these bastards! 亡灵天使, I Am The Dengle.