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Neyra’s Dragon manga read online on! 네이라의 용 Neyra Myers of the Celbrid Empire follows her diplomat father to an eastern country, where she meets a magical Dragon Prince, Haeryun, who claims that she is his destined partner. Enchanted by this mystical stranger with calm eyes and demeanor, Neyra attempts to escape her troublesome life by following the Dragon Prince to another world where she is made his Queen, but soon discovers she has made a grave mistake. After a Century of unthinkable suffering and emotional torture, she finds a way out, winding time back to a year before their encounter. Making amends and vowing to never get tangled with Haeryun, Neyra uses her Century of knowledge to pave a different path from her former self. However, fate still brings the Dragon Prince to her doorstep, and this time, his once calm eyes are filled with rage and desire. Will Neyra find a way to escape her destined partner? What is it that the Dragon Prince truly want from her?.