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The World’s Best Sect of Dependency Manhua “I’m finally free!” After fifteen years of locking myself on top of a mountain, I returned to the world in order to compensate for the youth I had wasted during those past years. As I descended from the mountain, I made a resolve to pay all of my master’s grace by completing the Ten Virtuous Deeds as soon as possible and then live the rest of my life in leisure. With a sense of pride, I took the first step forward, but somehow things didn’t go as expected and the situation became increasingly complicated… Join him now on his journey to become the strongest in the world, in a place filled with betrayal and tears rather than justice and laughter, on the rivers and lakes! 天下第一 依赖門, 天下第一依賴門, 天下第一依赖門, 천하제일 의뢰문.